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HR subject matter expert. strategic partner. performance coach. industry disruptor. culture savant.




We act as strategic partners to deliver approachable, full service human resources and organizational effectiveness support to small and medium sized businesses. To us, partnership simply means that we care about your success and will work hard to help you reach your goals.

We look at the big picture and then dive into the smallest details. We’re informed by research, but we like to think outside the box. We don’t stick to rigid one-size-fits-all plans that put process before people.


Together, we’ll prioritize what matters most to your business and your team and work to create a roadmap that delivers consistent wins and memorable impacts.



When it comes to hiring, our goal is simple: we find the right person for the job and set them up for success.

We identify, attract and develop talent that will allow your team to expand its capabilities and reach new heights. Our approach to recruitment always includes sourcing passive and active candidates and we provide everything from interview coaching to employment agreement templates, onboarding and compliance support, to 90-day check in tools.


Our process sets us apart from the crowd and so does our pricing model. We offer flexible recruitment services by the hour, which means that you can scale your services up or down according to your need.


Working alongside industry leaders, we are constantly refining HR service delivery and defining what it means to be an industry leader and disruptor within the HR and OE space.


Our passion is organizational effectiveness. Our focus is driving results through engaged people and dynamic thought. Our methods are root cause analysis, research and targeted business initiative development. Our purpose is guiding small businesses to achieve their vision.




We guide teams to achieve their goals by sharing insight and innovations that prioritize people over process and simplicity over complexity.



We are committed to lifelong learning and development so that we can deliver innovative HR tools, process, and practices.



We keep a sharp focus on results and give our opinion where it counts, using resources effectively and making an impact on your team.

Portrait of Morgan Harper


Morgan Harper

Morgan Harper is an experienced human resources leader, with expertise in developing and delivering HR strategy to small and medium sized businesses. She has spent 8+ years working with companies ranging from 2 – 500 employees, across multiple sites within North America and globally. Her experience comes from working with start-ups to Fortune 500 organizations, where she has been accountable for all aspects of people development and management ranging from specialized HR support to talent acquisition. High level, her experience has been focused on program development, coaching of key business leaders, and advising group leaders on all facets of HR management to ensure best practices.


Morgan holds a Master of Arts degree from McMaster University, where she graduated with a concentration in Labour Studies and Human Resources. She is also a Certified Human Resources Leader (CHRL) as per the Human Resources Professionals Association. Since its launch, HARPER Resources has worked with clients in diverse industries including technology, financial services, hospitality, renewable energy and telecommunications by developing approachable HR solutions and providing both strategic and tactical support.